Welcome to the hempire of HempQueens Ink., HempKings Ink., HempDivas+, and HempQueens Kink

HempQueens Ink. Magazine was created to bring a whole new light on empowering women and Cannabis, women in the industry, women that have been greatly impacted by cannabis in her life, 420 Models, empowering and dirtbag stories, smoking selfies from Queens around the world and edible recipes.
Finally a place to get new recipes with a stamp of Queen approval!

HempKings Ink.
HempKings Ink. Magazine was born to empower men in the cannabis and tattoo industries.
This magazine will showcase HempKing models, everyday HempKings, tattoo shop features, and the cannabis all around.

HempDivas+ Ink
HempDivas+ Ink. Magazine was created for a go to place for the entire LGBT+ community to shine and gain confidence! I would love to have your stories as to coming out and finding your happy you.

HempQueens Kink
HempQueens Kink Magazine will showcase the kinky side of us HempQueens, BDSM, nude, dominatrix, anything goes here! I wanted a place to give all Queens a place to fly their freak flag as high as the international sky!

The audience will reach a vast amount of cannabis patients, enthusiast, recreational users, entrepreneurs, fans of tattoos and fans of weed in general. There are multiple platforms for the readers to get involved, which is the best part. This magazine will grow as the audience and readers grow.

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