The Queens Dream

This all started at the age of 7 when I realized girls were supposed to be pretty and not play in dirt. My older sister was always the beautiful one, in my eyes and my mothers. I wasn’t quite pretty enough to enter beauty pageants because I had teenage acne and my hair was too short. I was the bad apple, the black sheep of us all. I wasn’t supposed to amount to anything. I gave up and spent my life believing I was hideous and not worth the breaths I took. My dream of being pretty completely died at the age of 11 when I wasn’t worthy of being in family pictures.

HempQueens around the world, this magazine was created for you. My name is Sandra and I have a story that brought me to want to make sure no other woman feels like I have. I grew up with two sisters, one older and one younger. The eldest was the beauty queen and the youngest was the baby. Even though my mom tried to be equal it just wasn’t possible. I was born in the generation where you weren’t pretty if you had acne or weighed more than what society called pretty. I was always a size 0 but that wasn’t good enough either. I needed to let my hair grow out and my face clear up before I could enter any beauty pageants. Ever since the day I wasn’t allowed to get in the family picture because I wasn’t “ready” I held a black umbrella over my head. I looked down everywhere I went (and have the forehead wrinkles to prove it). Even still, I don’t think I would want my life to have happened any other way due to my experiences and life has all brought me straight to creating this magazine.

When I was 35, I started really getting tattooed, it was my therapy and I enjoyed it. I noticed for the first time ever I actually wanted to look at my body. I turned 39 and was talked into entering a contest in a magazine that I ended up winning. I went on to do a few more photo shoots and got my first cover as my first publication in a tattoo magazine. Fast forward two years later and I have 107 publications, ten front covers and three back cover of inked magazines. 

During this experience my confidence has begun to grow and made me into an even happier person. I have always been one to help others, and modeling is no different. Once I started this, I was eager to help other woman see their own beauty. We are all Queens and need to see ourselves as a Queen! 

There is already too much ugly in the world. I vow with every issue I release to try to change at least one Queens opinion of herself at a time. I can’t change the world but I can do everything in my power to be sure no woman will go through her life thinking she is ugly on the outside.

My motto today….. If people could see my inside beauty, I would be a Mother Fucking Super Model!

Much Love Queens – @Sativa_Sandra & @iha8ppl